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5 Ways to Tell You Need New Windows

We often do not pay much attention to our window unless someone breaks in from them or we are planning to sell the house. Why is it that we do not give windows the attention that they need? After all, windows can transform the entire look of the house. A simple window reinstallation can make your house look polished and stand out.

All windows, regardless of their quality need replacement at some point. If damaged or outdated, your windows may not perform their function effectively and efficiently. When that happens, you need to replace your windows immediately. So here are five major signs that indicate that you need to get new windows. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to get reinstallation.


Leaking windows is one of the biggest signs that indicate that your windows are way past their efficiency point. Windows need to allow natural light inside your house, however when moisture seems to seep in with light, or condensation accumulates on the inside, it is a sign that your windows are leaking.  These issues usually occur if the window has not been installed properly or when the seals have gone. The worst scenario can be if the window starts leaking and you end up with lots of water on the inside.

Audible Noise

Your windows are not only supposed to stop the dust and pollution from entering the house but also noise. If your house is too noisy and you can hear every single thing that is going on in the street, that means your windows are not providing enough insulation. New windows with double or triple panels can reduce outside nose to a great degree and help you relax in peace.

High Utility Bills

As windows become old, they often get miniature cracks and leaks in them which allow cold or warm air from outside to seep in. This is why you might feel cold in winters despite of having a heater on, ultimately forcing you to increase the heat further. It will cause the total cost of your utility bills to increase each month. If your electricity and gas bills are high each month, this is a sign of a leak that can be fixed by replacing your windows.

Difficult To Open and Close

Do you get frustrated every time you try to open or close your windows? If your windows have become difficult to open and close, there could be multiple reasons behind it. Either they were painted shut or have expanded due to heat. In any case, the best solution to this problem is installing new windows.

Damaged Window Frames

Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows. Sometime this is so extreme that you just can’t fix it. If your window frame have started showing cracks, mold, chipping, rotting or decay, it is time for you to get new ones installed.

Your windows are a crucial part of your house.  Make sure that they are well maintained and efficient. Get in touch with Doors on the Side and install new ones, now.