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The Age of Modern Wooden Doors

Designing a house means taking care of every single aspect of it; from the furniture to interior design to the windows and doors. Most of us often forget the importance doors have on the entire look of the house. It is safe to say that a door is, in fact, the first thing people notice when they enter your house. So, why should it be old school when everything else is not?

Today, wooden entrances have become a popular thing. They are a perfect solution for both the interior and exterior of your house due to their vast designs and versatility. An aesthetic wooden door not only serves the purpose of security but also increases the aesthetic value of your house. Due to their rustic yet classy look, they give your entire house an elegant feel.

If you are planning to get a door installed, that is both secure and aesthetic, a wooden one will make the best option. Here are five popular types of wooden doors you can choose from:

Paneled Door

Paneled doors are among the most traditional patterns for timber gates. This type may feature a model that looks like one or more grooved panels. The best part about paneled doors is that they can be used in multiple settings. Even though, these doors are best suited for outside, they can be installed inside the house as well if you want a thicker enter way. If you want light to pass through the door, you can install glass into the wood as well.

Wooden French Door

If you want your rooms to look more spacious and feel airy, then the wooden French door is your best option. These extra-large and wide-open doors are made of wood that will last a lifetime. They are also quite adaptable and versatile as you can customize them as per your requirement and needs. The wooden French door successfully adds a royal touch to the space they are installed in, hence making them an excellent option if you are looking to upgrade your house.

Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold doors create an illusion of a wall even when there is none. You can choose a fully wooden bi-fold door or one that has glass panels to allow visual access of the other room. These doors look best in rooms with large balconies and hallways.

Wooden Louvered Door

A good way of making your home naturally ventilated is by installing the wooden louvered door. Apart from ventilating the house, these doors are also perfect for offering seclusion to opens spaces. They are widely used for wardrobes, bathrooms and cabinets.

Dutch Door

The wooden Dutch door has a split appearance as you can open the top half of the door without affecting the bottom. Naturally, these doors were designed for farms where they could stop the animals while allowing people to enjoy the benefit of an open area. However, in the modern day, these could be used in your kitchens and backyard giving your house a historical charm.

When choosing a door, make sure it adds to the value of your house and doesn’t take away from it. Wooden doors are all about great security and aesthetic. Get in touch with Doors on the Side and have your wooden door installed, today.